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Successful Amazon Advertising Strategy:-

If you want to know Successful Amazon Advertising Strategy on Amazon, you need to understand Amazon advertising or PPC(Pay Per Click). Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is an auction-style system in which advertisers bid on keywords. When an Amazon customer performs a search for a product, the sellers with the highest bids on relevant keywords win the auction, and their product ads get listed as “Sponsored Products” in the search results.

Identify Business Goals:-

You must be clear on your reasons for PPC advertising — and those reasons need to align with your business goals and objectives. Most advertisers or agencies talk about increasing sales. However, you need to look into the fundamental aspects before you create campaigns.

  • Increasing market dominance
  • Supporting a new product launch
  • Increasing long-term profitability
  • Clearing underperforming stock
  • Expanding or consolidating your customer base

The Right Ad Type:-

There is three ad type, and each has a unique role to play within your PPC strategy. Making the right ad choices at the right time is critical to optimizing your PPC spend.

Sponsored Product Ads:– These ads appear in search results, within the listings, and allow you to drive keyword and product-specific campaigns.  They are great for increasing sales, boost rankings

Sponsored brand ads:– These ads are great if you want to increase your brand presence, engage customers with your brand story. They are better for awareness building than Sponsored Product Ads and are valuable for targeting more generic terms and competitors.

Sponsored display ads:  These ads are great if you want to re-target your product and/or reach new audiences. This advertising type is more of a programmatic solution that allows you to target customers based on their shopping behavior.

Use category-specific targeting for Amazon Sponsored Products:-

Sponsored Products are the most popular advertising option, used by about 29% of buyers, according to Cowen and Co.’s research. These ads appear above, below, and alongside the Amazon search results, as well as on product detail pages, and are similar to Google’s product listing ads.

Sponsored Products allow you to use category-specific targeting, which pairs your company’s products with complementary products. thus increasing the odds of converting shoppers. Known as Product Attribute Targeting (PAT), this feature makes it possible for advertisers to showcase their products in ads next to a specific set of brands or products or alongside items within a specified price or rating range.

 Use negative keywords:-

Just like in Google Ads, Amazon negative keywords are keywords that you exclude from a larger keyword search, to make sure you don’t rank for the wrong search terms. For example, if you sell Men’s shoes, you will want to rank for searches of “Shoes” but not searches of “ladies shoes.” In this instance, “ladies” should be added as a negative keyword.

Advertising Cost of Sale or ACoS:-

Obviously, the lower the ACoS, the better. But is that always what you should be aiming for? ACoS is a ratio of your ad spend to revenue. For automatic campaigns, ACoS is at the group level, but for manual campaigns, you get your ACoS on a product level. Low is preferred, of course, but every campaign should have a goal depending on whether you’re. launching a product, liquidating a product, or trying to generate ongoing profits from that product.

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