How to create amazon brand store

Creating a Store is free on amazon’s brand store. You do not get to advertise on Amazon to make a Store. You can create a Store at no additional cost.
Amazon is consistently rolling out new ways to assist sellers to scale their businesses, and up to date is that the Amazon Brand Store.

Table of Contents:-

  • What Is an Amazon Brand Store?
  • Benefits of Amazon brand store:-
  • Documents required to create a branded Amazon Store?

What Is an Amazon Brand Store?

An Amazon Brand Store allows merchants to set up an online storefront for their brands for free. In just a few clicks, sellers can level up their customers’ experience by experimenting with custom layouts and pre-made templates.
This feature was once limited to 1P vendors and is now available to each 3P seller registered on Amazon’s Brand Registry. And no, you don’t need to be advertising on Amazon to make an Amazon store for your brand.

The journey to making your first multi-page Store starts on the Amazon Stores page. Though the landing page looks quite concise and minimalistic, it provides you with all the necessary information about the Stores capabilities and tells you whether or not you are eligible for the program.
You’ll also discover a number of the foremost beautiful samples of Amazon Stores which will offer some inspiration about how your store should look.

Amazon brand store

Benefits of Amazon brand store:-

  1. More options to enhance your brand image, which builds an emotional connection with your customers.
  2.  Ability to update content and messaging as part of your seasonal and promo campaign.
  3.  Increased number of repeat purchases and improved overall customer satisfaction.
  4.  Effective Amazon advertising campaigns. According to Amazon, linking your Sponsored Brand ads to Stores rather than product pages is probably going to spice up RoAS by the maximum amount as 22%.
  5.  Improved discovery ability of your Amazon brand store with the help of brand logos and small banners on product detail pages.
  6.  Ability to drive traffic and leads from external sources and capitalize on that.
  7.  Potential to obtain higher ranks in Amazon’s organic search results.
  8.  Better user experience across mobile and desktop.

Documents required to create a branded Amazon Store?

No documents. But you’ll get to register your brand on Amazon. Below is the info you need to provide to enroll your brand in Amazon Brand Registry:
1. Registered trademark number and a brand name.

2. The associated government-registered trademark number.

3. Product categories in which your brand should be listed.

4. List of countries where your brand’s products are manufactured and distributed.

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