Pandemic era transformed E-commerce Business:-

E-commerce is the activity of electronically buying or selling products on online services or over the Internet. The Pandemic era transformed E-commerce Business Worldwide.
The term “digital transformation” has been the focus of many businesses. This organizational evolution was designed to move companies from the analog age to digital, with all consumer touchpoints having a digital fingerprint, both online and offline. From creating a better in-store checkout experience to a website designed with the consumer experience in mind, digital transformation was meant to check off all these boxes. However, like many organizational changes.

Pandemic era transformed E-commerce Business

Which e-commerce categories are struggling now?

At the moment, e-commerce verticals that are trending down include:

Some apparel, specifically evening wear, dressy children’s clothing, suits, and dress pants

Beauty items, especially lip color and hair color

Electronics, after a sharp peak in April as consumers outfitted home offices

E-commerce categories that are in demand:-

As people settle into long-term stay-at-home habits, some positive trends are emerging.

Casual and inexpensive clothing, for example, is doing well. Sales of comfort clothing, fitness wear, children’s and babies’ apparel, loungewear, and fast fashion grew 21% from March to April.

Sales of self-care beauty products like skincare, hand creams, and face masks are on the rise now. So are health and wellness equipment and virtual training services.

Online grocery sales shifted into high gear as soon as lock-downs took effect, and the category’s sales will grow 40% this year. A recent poll found that nearly half of consumers either started buying groceries online or are buying more online because of the pandemic. Other food categories in high demand are beverages, baking supplies, and snack foods.

How is the pandemic changing consumer expectations?

According to Global Web Index’s April 2020 Coronavirus Research Report, nearly half of consumers say they’ll avoid physical stores for “some time” or “a long time,” even after stay-at-home orders are lifted.

However, the marketing and merchandising approaches that worked pre-pandemic may no longer get customers to buy. Merchants need new strategies to earn and keep customers. ( Pandemic era transform E-commerce Business)

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